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After spending 10 years in jail, out of pure love, Victoria leaves the prison with just one wish: to have a normal life.

But her past, which she would definitely like to forget, and an unexpected twist that forces her to become a mom to a child that’s not hers, seems to prevent Victoria from getting what she wants.

BOK-SUN pasa a ser concubina del monarca y seis meses después da a luz a su primer hijo, el príncipe DAE-GIL.

Por el bien de este niño, BOK-SUN hará creer a todos, incluyendo al Rey, que él murió.

His identity becomes switched with that of his twin brother, and their paths nearly cross on several occasions.Taxxi Teasers - December 2017 The Queen of Miami Teasers - December 2017 Krishi Teasers - December 2017 Modern Homemaker Teasers - December 2017 My Lost Home Teasers - December 2017 Click HERE for all December teasers.Four friends bonded together by friendship, love and obsession will be witnesses to a crime.Ambar’s appreciation for him grows into admiration, and soon Dany becomes the embodiment of what she wishes for in a dad.At work, Matilde discovers that her new boss is Cristobal Moller, the man who left her more than eight years ago without knowledge that she was pregnant.

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