Speed dating malaysia 2016

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To investigate further, the researchers decided to study body language, and how the position of the body into space affected the outcome of a date.

In a first experiment, the scientists looked at 144 speed dates which were recorded on video.

Several women said the difficulty finding romance by traditional match-making agencies, websites, or just by chance, had spurred them to take part.

Their study, published in PNAS, is based on two large field experiments, involving modern dating practices, such as speed dating or partner selection through a dating app.

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During the sessions, Muslim Malay men in Western clothing banter with the women, most of them dressed in conservative Islamic long-sleeved blouses, long flowing skirts and headscarves.

But we hope to bring it back." Zuhri and his wife met at an unrelated match-making event in 2012 and now have a baby boy.

Finding a 'true gentleman' Muslim-majority Malaysia has long practiced a moderate form of Islam.

But conservative attitudes are rising, and the speed dating sessions have been embraced as an alternative to online match-making sites or apps that many Malaysian Muslims view as geared more for Western-style casual flings.

In both cases, the scientists note that the choice of the person, and the success of the encounter were often decided in a very short amount of time.

This suggests that the attraction between two people is driven by very simple, physical mechanisms.

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