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It was a proven technique, and just like countless other times, it wasn't long before her writhing body and her soft mews of pleasure let me know she was on her way to an orgasm."Oh....darling......" she whimpered, as she pulled her legs back. " I asked, breaking just for a moment, but her hands were quick to guide me back into place.There was a pause as we looked at each other before I finally spoke. Emily is normally not big with alcohol, so taking another in her current state portended the significance of the meeting. "Chloe is upset about something," she replied, and it seemed like she wanted to act like the little girl with a secret. Several minutes went by as we watched the TV before she spoke. "I'm not joking," Emily said, staring at me with a judgmental expression as if I was equally guilty simply by being male.It took a few minutes for her to return, but when she did I prodded once more. "Well, start from the beginning and tell me the whole story," I said, while pulling myself up on the sofa.

Then, I focused on her clit, rapidly assaulting it with quick cat licks.

"How can a man...a husband..his someone else? Emily was Chloe's Matron of Honor at her wedding, which occurred eight months after ours, and likewise, Chloe had been my wife's Maid of Honor.

The two had been sorority sisters in the same pledge class and had hit it off instantly.

I ran errands for a few hours then drove home, but when I spotted Chloe's car still in the driveway, I kept going and ended up at a sports bar.

There, I sent a text to my wife asking her to let me know when her friend left, and it wasn't until almost seven that I got the all clear. "She told him no and he started laying this huge guilt trip on her telling her she didn't support him and she was too goody-goody," she replied, slurring her words slightly. I'm pretty sure he loves her...a lot..tell her to just laugh it off," I suggested.

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