Pagdating ng islam sa kaplan

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P' include: monitoring El Pomar determining effectiveness of nd analysis, acting as a qroups using the Confer- bili^ to officially represent is an important criteria . 000 Plus .•US can be addressed to: .ogram Officers Jeff Trujillo, Usa -/. To jpply submit a 1-2 page letter describing yo Ur interest in the internship program and career objectives, along with resume, college transcript, and 2 letters of recommendation by Aorill S. David Palencher, Selection Committee Chaimian, El Pomar Foundation, 10 Lake Circle. :ine; Graduate programs from mputer science; How to ualifica Uons; How to market Planning your finances; And DOl S, ons.The 100 Most Popular, Profitable Careers In America licholas Basta. We have concerts, lectures, dances, festivals, and much much more! The editors will randomly select a Womer Box Number each week (except Block Break issues) and insert it SOMEWHERE* in THE SOURCE If you read THE SOURCE each week, you might find your Womer Box Number and WIN A PRIZR And not just any ole' prize, either!! "Vou MUST claim you prize no later than SEPTEMBER 3, 1992 at pm. The Leisure Program offers a wide assortment of activities, events, concerts and other great things-to-do! Batik and Jewelry Making, Arts & Crafts Christmas Sale, Creach & Koester Dance Company, Boy^ n' the Hood, Hairspray, A Magic Comedy Show AND MUCH MORE! Locations & Time to be announced - watch this space!! BGALA "Queer Pride Week' Chaverim Holocaust Awareness Week Black History Month MECh A Symposium NASA's Heritage Week & Pow-Wow Rainbow Jam ASIA Awareness Week AASU Candlelight Memorial Worner Box 1245 AND MORE! THIS E V E N T S & M E E T I N G S Monday 24 Tuesday 25 Wednesday 26 2-A pm - Early Regis- ration, Worrier Campus Center. Open -11 am - Registra- tion, Worner Campus Center. Saturday 29 8-9 am - Breakfast, Rastall Dining Hall. 9- pm -All-Cam- pus Dance with Live Band, Cutler Courtyard (rain. Sunday 30 11 am- pm - In- terfaith Worship, Shove Chapel. - pm & - pm - Personal Safety Course, Arm- strong Theatre. 7 pm - All-Hall Pro- grams, meet at your residence halls.

El Pomar Foundallon The Founda''on has 2-3 Assistant Program Officer • ng Internship positions open. if and which graduate school is ofessional schools: law.They come in unp don'l know anything attoul the orgar don't furnish you with references or IVe even received resumes without letters-" ■ Larry Anderson.DIreclorot Personm Hospllals tor Crippled Children. Shrevep Candidates should "learn as much i about the company and the overall i Read annual reports or go to the lib public Informabon on a particular on Also, make suro that your resume h your strengths and Is reflective of yi educational and work experience-m overstating or understating what yo And, prepare a concise cover letter explains why you qualify for the po£ - Andrew Mc Cormlck.SOURCE WELCOME ISSUE - 1992/1993 WELCOME TO THE SOURCE! •♦•**IN THIS ISSUE of THE SOURCE**'** We've hidden a Worner Box Number worth .00 at the Bookstore - good for the torever-expensive-but-oh-so-essential textbooks OR for something you just can't live without! THE SOURCE is full of events and activities for everyone - and there are lots to choose from. • Editors Ryan Webb, Georgia Robertson & Carolyn Gianarelli *Worner Box Numbers will NOT be Room Numbers, Phone Numbers or Dates. - pm - Orien- tation Feature Film, DO THE RIGHT THING. -5 pm - Film Dis- cussion, see group assignment card. pm - Class Photo and Student Welcome, Washburn Field. -1 pm - Transfer Student Dessert/Social, Gaylord Hall. YOU MUST COMPLETE A ONf 7TLL- SWOOP INFORMATKM SHEET IN ORDER TO HAVE YOUR EVENT OR MEETING PUBUSHED IN ■THS WEEK.- THESE FORMS ARE AVAILABLE AT NELUS REINERTS OFFICE, WORNER CENTER Ttiis space will contain events end meetings that occur on a continual basis ttimughout the year. CA interviewer to question a candidate's potential loyalty and professionalism). We're giving away great stuff - Munch Money, a GIGANTIC Blues Brothers Poster, Wooglin's Lunches, Movie Passes & Meals at Poor Richards, Gift Certificates from C J Kard, Chmook Bookstore and Josh & John's Ice Cream, Arts & Crafts classes, more Bookstore Money (cause it's sooo necessary), and more! YOU CAN WIN GREAT STUFF, BUT ONLY IF YOU READ THE SOURCE!! Arts & Crafts, Great Performers and Ideas, Dance Workshop, Film Series, Outdoor Recreation, Livesounds, Theater & Video Workshops have lots to offer this year. Be sure to check out THE SOURCE each week for schedules of these events AND information from Center for Community Service (Womer 205 & 207). Thursday 27 All Day - Campus Tours, Worner Center Desk. - am - Contin- ental Breakfast, Rastall Dining Hall. 1 am-1 pm - Presi- dent's Receiving Line and Luncheon, Worner Center North Lawn. 10-11 am - American Council on Education Survey, Armstrong The- atre, (first year students only) am- pm - Lunch, Rastall Dining Hall. On-Going Events and l\/leetinqs THE DEADUNE FOR THE AUGUST 31-SEFTEU- BER 6 THS WEEK- IS MONDAY, AUGUST 24 AT 4M) PM.

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