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Paedophilia was the subject of La Classe De Neige (Class Trip) which shared the Jury Prize at Cannes with Festen and Velvet Goldmine in 1998, while incest was hinted at in Mortelle Randonnée (Deadly Circuit, 1983) which featured Serrault as a private detective obsessing over a young serial killer portrayed by Isabelle Adjani.Based on a Marc Behm book, it got a Hollywood makeover in 1999 as Eye Of The Beholder by Stephan Elliott with Ashley Judd and Ewan Mc Gregor, yet still bombed at the US box-office.The director was happier adapting the work of others, and turned Patricia Highsmith's psychological thriller This Sweet Sickness into Dites-Lui Que Je L'Aime (Tell Her I Love Her, 1977), Ruth Rendell's novel Tree Of Hands into Betty Fisher Et Autres Histoires (Betty Fisher And Other Stories, 2001) and Chekhov's The Seagull into La Petite Lili (Little Lili, 2003)."I really struggle to write original screenplays," he admitted.

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” said award-winning alternative rock and trip-hop and singer-songwriter/multi instrumentalist Li Li Roquelin in a brief e-interview.

The viewer is never quite sure whether the inspector, played by Lino Ventura, should pin the ghastly crimes on the suspect, the wonderfully ambiguous Michel Serrault, who knows the law inside out but appears almost too willing to dig himself into a hole.

The film attracted more than two million French cinema-goers and deservedly won four Césars in 1982, Serrault for Best Actor and Guy Marchand for Best Supporting Role, as Ventura's sidekick, as well as Best Editing for Albert Jurgenson and Best Screenplay for Miller, Jean Herman and Michel Audiard.

She added: “Thomas Estler the director of the organization is one of the New York Abolitionists just like Tina Fey and Michael Bloomberg, etc.” Speaking again about her new single she states: “The song was produced by an up and coming very talented producer from New Jersey, Titus "Thomas Estler asked for an upbeat kinda pop song so I chose Titus - he had done a hip-hop Remix of my song "Bliss of My Soul" last year and I was willing to do pop but still with some edginess, he did an awesome job." The flipside, so to speak, is the song titled “Liberty”.

It’s the alternative version to the more issue-specific "Abolitionistas".

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