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In addition, some applications of physics in medicine were explained in order to answer the question how radiations can be used in cancer treatments and in diagnostics.

Download Francesca's presentation : "Physics in Medecine: Research and Applications" Get as pdf On Monday 17/11 a group of students from the Simon Langton school in the UK visited CERN and the Medipix group.

This year it was hosted by CERN and ARDENT ESRs Eleni Aza, Silvia Puddu, and Erik Frojd participated in the workshop with a Medipix stand.

Students were introduced in the main principles of radiation protection and a live demonstration with radioactive sources took place.

The event was embraced with great enthusiasm by both students and organizers.

You can download the program here (ARDENT stand was on Monday 31 ESR6 Andrej Sipaj gave his first ARDENT outreach presentation at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology to the Ph D and Master students of nuclear engineering faculty.

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By using two detectors, the ESRs showed the types of radiation coming from several natural radioactive sources and cosmic rays from space by showing the particles recorded by the detectors on 2 screens.

The presentation was very successful; students showed a great interest in various detectors used within ARDENT.

In addition, the school was interested in buying the educational Medipix toolkit produced by Jablotron.

Get the local newspaper article as PDF Alvin Sashala Naik (ARDENT ESR13) gave a presentation at the Bay Area Neutron Group (BANG) from the UC Berkeley.

The audience comprised of a few undergraduate students, graduate students and researchers from Lawrence Berkeley National laboratory and UC Berkeley.

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