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He was painstaking, patient and enormously honourable.

I often remarked that a sense of integrity ran through him like lead in a pencil.

I’ve also been able to use testimony that hasn’t been published before, in particular some astonishing material from my last film project ‘Touched by Auschwitz’.

I hope, when people can read it in January, they think it is a worthwhile piece of work. Frank Stucke, a brilliant German academic and journalist, and my colleague for many years, has just died. He was one of the key reasons that so many of the television series that I wrote and produced featured such memorable German interviewees.

Rees is a gifted educator, who can tell a complex story with compassion and clarity, without sacrificing all nuances…

a fine book.’ Professor Nikolaus Wachsmann, the Guardian ‘Into a general history of the Holocaust that draws also upon recent scholarship and contemporary documentation, Rees has woven the most searing first-person accounts…

‘As a former head of BBC TV history programmes, Rees has produced some of the most thoughtful documentaries about Nazi Germany, and he tells this story through a mix of closeups and wide shots of the historical landscape.He laughed when he told me that he had longed for weeks to be well enough to be wheeled out by a nurse into the hospital garden to have a cigarette – something he had accomplished a few days before. Even his childhood illness – complications from which were now killing him – had been valuable, he said, because it had made him appreciate every moment of every day.He was a wonderful man and I am so very fortunate to have known him.When I saw him for the last time in a Berlin hospital he took pleasure in telling me that I had been wrong about the dangers of smoking.Whilst he was very sick indeed, it was not the cigarettes that were killing him, but something else entirely.

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