Dating meatloafs daughter

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But not as the character named Strat in the land of Obsidian. Was that part of Jim Steinman’s original concept in 1975? After high school he eventually enrolled at North Texas State University (now called the University of North Texas).Ignoring his draft notice (he'd intentionally gained 60 pounds in an unsuccessful effort to fail his physical), Meat Loaf left Texas and school in 1967 for a new life in Los Angeles.

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These troubled stretches, however, did little to dampen Meat Loaf's ambition.She also had featured film roles in “Tootsie,” “Fatal Attraction,” “Married to the Mob” and “Cocktail” with Tom Cruise.Many of her fans know her as public defender Billie Young in the TV series “Night Court,” which she starred in for the first season.Ellen Foley's strong, passionate – and at times bone-shivering – voice, combined with her acting talent and dance moves allowed for a diverse and successful career, something she always dreamed of as a girl growing up in St. “I went to Catholic school and was shown lots of films about finding our vocation as a nun saving pagan babies in Africa, but it never took,” she laughs. Louis the day after she turned 21 and moved to New York to study acting.She went on cattle-call auditions and got a few parts on stage, but her first paying job was singing in a music comedy revue in the Catskills. Thank God.” Ellen started a band called Big Jive and performed in Atlantic City before there were casinos.

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