Dating celestion greenbacks

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It replaced the Rocket Celestion speaker in my Laney Cub 12 and it was night and day. Dann einige 12"-Speaker von Freunden dort probeweise eingebaut. Das Ergebnis war: Den Celestion G12M-25 bei Thomann bestellt. No more of that irritating buzzy sound from the stock speaker, just a creamy defined vintage tone. Monatelang habe ich unzählige Lautsprecher live oder im Netz angehört. The 250 had a 26lb magnet assy, and the 200 had a 14lb assy.Really nice old speaker dating from sometime in the 70's.

Any comments on these three speakers, and iguess the Celestion V30s.. " I had a long time to build the right box for my guitars to practice at home. (Somebody bothers it then) -No remodeled hi-fi box. Since 1956, all Celestion chassis drivers have been stamped with a date code (2 numbers and 2 letters), denoting the exact date of manufacture.Speakers are:3 x Original Celestion / Rola This model was voiced for more low end and sounds absolutely immense for any classic rock / Stoner rock / doom / sludge metal application, it absolutely nails down tuned stuff and no other cab I tried had the same low end oomph i was looking for. Has some wear and tear, but is in damn fine condition for a cab of this age. Some repairs worth mentioning that were made when I first acquired the cab; I fitted a new vintage style fret cloth, and replaced one of the original speakers that had a ripped cone with a new (2003) Celestion V30, which is now well broken in and blends very well. The cab was used to record this EP, and at the time I was running an ENGL Fireball with very little in the way of FX. Please PM if interested, you must be able to collect from York.

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