Creating and updating life goals

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Every step you take toward your goals adds to your motivation. Getting life coaching advice could easily be one of the best things you ever do for yourself.

Life coaching gives you skills for creating a positive future. Coaching opens doors for self empowerment that no one has ever shown you before.

Several of our offices host intimate, stripped-down sessions for our employees from artists across all styles of music and comedy.

Past sets include Hermitude, Ben Harper, Aurora, Ryan Bingham, and Dr. We believe Pandora and our employees can make a lasting impact on our communities.

Music is the soul of our company, and we have many opportunities for our employees to connect with the artists or songs they love.

Each year Pandora employees receive 40 hours of paid volunteer time off to support causes they are passionate about or to participate in Pandora's organized volunteer events, from teaching kids how to play instruments, assisting the homeless and families in need, bringing the power of music to the elderly, and many more rewarding causes.

If one doesn't exist around your interest, join us and create one!

Life coaching is not just some feel-good indulgence.

So take the first step of your action plan and book a time for a free consultation today.

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