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And whenever the money ran thin, he’d board a plane, fly back to the Big Apple, and hold up another bank. In 1977, the man walked right into a bunch of armed guards.

He served some time, but once he got out in 1983, he made a quick ,000 by putting a Coke bottle under his coat and claiming it was a gun.

Surrounded, Atahan found himself trapped in the Commonwealth Bank in George Street, Sydney with a roomful of hostages.

Over the next two and a half hours, Atahan slowly released most of his 11 hostages.

Everything changed when Atahan traded in his taxi for a semiautomatic.

Between March 1983 and January 1984, the man robbed 17 banks and became a criminal playboy.

Both men started laughing, despite the man recording letting out a petrified scream.

Atahan found himself divorced and driving cabs to pay the bills.

Making things worse, he had a serious gambling problem.

He wanted to become an EMT, maybe sign up with the French Foreign Legion. Justice didn’t just fantasize about stealing bags of cash. After choosing a bank in Libertyville, Illinois, Justice picked a nearby spot to stash his bike and practiced walking from his hiding place to the front door, counting each step.

At home, Justice rehearsed the trip in his mind by walking in place.

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