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At the present day the bias of the preceding period has again become a subject of investigation, and Bernini's architecture is now less frequently stigmatised as 'baroque'. Soon after quitting Paris the train crosses the Marne, near its confluence with the Seine, at the station of Charenton (lunatic asylum on an eminence to the left). Georges is picturesquely situated on the slope of a wooded eminence. Florentin is the Cistercian Abbey of Pon- tigny, where Thomas k Becket passed two years of his exile. Pierre, on an eminence above the town, commands a pleasing prospect. Tanlay boasts of a fine chateau in the Renaissance style, founded by the brother of Admiral Coligny, the chief victim of St. For four centuries and a half, from 101') to the death of Charles the Bold'in 1477, this was the residence of the Dukes of Burgundy. Se- bastian, John, Dominicus, and the two donors of the picture, by Fra Bartolommeo , in admirable preservation , but unfortunately not favour- ably hung. .\ reaction subsequently took place; during the modern 'romantic" period the public became averse to fluent beauty and easy gracefulness of form , and censiire of the 17th century and of the 'baroque' style was hailed as a sign of the revival of good taste. , the ancient capital of the Duchy of Burgundy, is now that of the De'partement de la Cote d'Or. THE RHINE from ROTTERDAM to CONSTANCE, witli 15 Maps and 16 Plans. SOUTHERN GERMANY and AUSTRIA, inchiding the EASTERN ALPS [the Tyrol Styria, C«rm//«a etc.), with 28 Maps and 27 Plans. The tendency of poetry in particular furnishes a key to the mythological representations of the School of the Caracci. This slight outline of the decline of Italian art brings us to the close of our brief and imperfect historical sketch, which, be it again observed, is designed merely to guide the eye of the enlightened traveller, and to aid the uninitiated in independent discrimination and research. (For farther details, see Bcedeker's Paris.) Next Stat. Moret, a venerable town on the Loing, which here falls into the Seine, Bj BDKKEB. Allori's Judith should be compared with the beauties of Titian, and the frescoes of Caracci in the Pa- lazzo Farnese with Raphael's ceiling-paintings in the Farnesina, in order that the difference between the 16th and 17th centuries may be clearly tinderstood ; and the enquirer will be still farther aided by consulting coeval Italian poetry, and observing the development of the lyric drama or opera. Nilus in Grottaferrata, paintings on the cupola and vaulting of S. At the same time they cannot conceal the fact that they have lost all faith in the ancient ideals . They breathe a close, academic atmosphere, they no longer labour like their predecessors in an independent and healthy sphere, and their productions arc therefore devoid of ab- sorbing and permanent interest. Railway to Marseilles in 24 (express in 16»|4) hrs. in circumference) and affords many delightful walks. ) The train ascends the broad and well cultivated valley of the Yonne. Gnido Reni, Domeiiiclnno , and even of Carlo Dolce and Maratta were in high repute. The line then crosses the rivers Solman and Sevron. Down to the close of last century the works of Bernini, LVI ITALIAN ART. Etieiine du Bo U., pleasantly situated; then Bourg (p.

The Italian art of the 17th century is now accepted as a recognised style , and the estimation in which it is held is therefore often dependent on the fashion of the day. To the right and left rise the forts of Ivry and Charenton, which here command the course of the Seine. The beautiful green dale of the Yeres is now traversed. The chain of hills to the left, as well as the plain, is studded with numerous dwellings. to Auxerre ( Hdtel du Leopard), capital (13,000 inhab.) of the Dei)artment of the Yonne, possess- ing several good churches, especially the late Gothic cathedral. Near La Roche the line crosses the Yonne , into which the Ar- man^on here empties itself, and follows the latter river and the Canal de Bourgogne, which connects the Seine and Saone. Langton, archbishop of Canterbury, banished by John, and other English prelates liave also sought a retreat within its walls. Restaurant), picturesquely situ- ated on the Arman^on, a town with 5000 inhab., possesses a monu- ment to the minister Louvois (d. Bartholomew's Night, who with the Prince de Conde and other Huguenot leaders held meetings in one of the apartments. in length ; bridge over the Arman^on ; tunnel 1020 yds. The monuments of that period impart an additional interest to this pleasant and cheerful town. The street ascends hence to the Citadel, constructed by Vauban (per- mission to visit it must be obtained from the commandant in the town).

Trav- ellers who desire a more minute acquaintance with Northern VI PREFACE. Reimer, Berlin, 1860 (scale 1 : 800.000: price P/s Thlr., or 5 fr.) ; then Nos.

This will often enable them to avoid a circuitous route.

The inexperienced are recommended, when steering their course with the aid of a plan, before starting, to mark with a coloured })encil the point for which they are bound.

The Maps and Plans , upon which special care has been bestowed, will abundantly suffice for the use of the ordinar}- traveller.

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