Back dating insurance

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Giving retroactive value to purchases from the earlier date.

In the context of corporate governance, the illegal practice of setting the date of options awarded as part of executive compensation to a period when the stock price was very low (rather than setting the date of the options on the date the award was made).

There is a chance that you were processed on March 1, 2017, and get the entire month of March covered.

Just call the insurance company and ask if you are covered in march through the 31st.

Here it is the last day of the month, of the last month that you worked.

Occurs when a stock option exercise date is set prior to the date on which the option was granted and at a lower exercise price than the current market price of the company's stock.

However, there have been a number of lawsuits against corporate directors and officers alleging illegal option backdating in which these conditions were not met.

Option backdating is legal, provided the backdating is clearly communicated to stockholders and as long as the effect of the backdating is properly reflected in both earnings reports and tax payments.

You will get a COBRA letter from your company that should detail the end date of coverage and deadlines for requesting continued coverage on your employee health plan and for sending payment for that coverage.

You should have 45 days (I think) to send notice that you wish to continue coverage and longer to actually send the payment.

I have a client I am currently working with who had an age change in June of this year.

We are backdating his policy to May 28 to save age because the premium on his policy will be 00 less per year than if we date it at his current age.

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