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Smedley Makes A Deposit Nicole swallowed the bank manager's sperm. Becky and Lillith chatted amiably as they soaped each other in the shower afterwards. The human resources department requires a witness to be present during a termination interview. As Smedley set his briefcase on the floor, he smiled pleasantly. The chair had been lowered as far as it would go so that Smedley would be forced to look up at her. Intrusive, well-greased fingers were pumped in and out of her rectum.

" He pinched a plump, pink nipple and lifted her breast high. "Shannon and Ashley, the fashion models." Smedley smirked. I already have a little plan underway for taking care of those delectable lesbo bitches! " Becky, hugely relieved that stupid Lillith was doing the right thing for once, nodded agreement. Another pair of flex-cuffs were fastened to her wrists and her mouth was taped shut with the clear plastic tape. Smedley stood and cleared his throat for attention. Her shapely legs and pretty face did not go entirely un-noticed. " The captain delicately teased one of her long-stemmed nipples between his fingers. She shreiked hysterically as the matron rammed it in. He wiggled it playfully to help poor sobbing Becky squeal and snivel beautifully. Just nod your head if you think that you can handle it." Lillith nodded. " Silently, Lillith removed her jacket and placed it on the desk. Like Becky, she had the smoothly shaven pussy of the die-hard fuck-slut. He grinned happily and spoke softly to her, a lover addressing his fuck-toy. or the rebels or both." Nikki felt like her heart had been ripped out and stomped on as she realized that she was in way over her head. Once they were nicely bruised and swollen, she clamped heavy duty, alligator-clip electrodes to each one, squeezing hard to make sure that the tiny teeth bit in deep. "If you hold still it won't be a very wide cut, but it will be fairly deep so that Lillith can learn her lesson of silence and obedience." He waited a few beats to allow the bitches to stew a bit and then slowly inserted the blade into Becky's tit-meat. Inside Lillith's office, Smedley pressed two bandaids against Rebecca's bleeding tit slits. " He turned his attention to Lillith as Becky seemed to be quaking nicely. If not, I'm going to have to quit horsing around and get serious with Becky here. She hooked her fingers inside the elastic waistband and jerked down her panties and pantihose. She stood, gloriously naked, and glared defiantly at Smedley. He ran a fingernail over the sensitive soles of her feet. The matron twisted and pinched each of Nikki's cherry red, long stem nipples cruelly.She stepped into them, pulling them up her long shapely legs and snugging them over her smooth, shaven pussy. " Becky dutifully entered with her notepad, her big blue eyes wide and adoring. "Lillith, is there any little thing I could do for you? Chapter 4 - Nikki Gets Some Quiet Time The Warden of the Felice Navidad Women's Prison, despite a lot of evidence to the contrary, liked thinking of himself as a warm-hearted humanitarian, firm but fair.Nicole slipped on her bra and cupped her mammoth mammeries with their big cherry nipples. " Chapter 3 - Lap Dancer Lillith Hardcastle hated men. " Lillith batted her eyelashes coyly and did her Damsel In Distress imitation. "Let's see how our newest prisoner is handling her time-out before being accepted into the prison population.

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